Tuesday, August 12, 2008

196?-197? ROSAC NU-FUZZ

Loud, obnoxious, ready for the fight & comin' at ya with a broken bottle and a rusty claw hammer. Yaaa! NU-FUZZ is the shit! Awesome fuzz tones that do to your amplifier that a Tiger Tank would do to a Sinclair C5. Well cool build style too. Don't get me wrong I can't fucking stand goop! Awful shit and quite obviously the work of Satan. The resin encapsulated circuit in these things is a great idea. It must have increased production tenfold and in some ways it bullet proofs the internals of the pedal...unless of course you get a failed part in the resin. Ha har! But notice that the Electrolytic capacitor is NOT in the resin...clever Rosac.