Tuesday, August 12, 2008

1969 John Hornby Skewes "SHATTERBOX"

Look at her. She so pretty sitting there all shinny in that lovely gold paintwork with that far out silk screening...lovely eh? Sounds great eh? One of the cult classics?...well yeah but she sounds fucking God awful!! And I mean AWFUL! Shittybox more like it or Shit-yer-box...thats kinda what you do when you hear the damn thing for the first time. I so so sooooo wanted this to be cool like Zonk Machine cool but nay its mid 70's badly biased Fuzz Face cool at best. The fuzz control set anywhere near maximum oscillates like a mental asylum and the treble boost is like running cheese wire across your eyes whilst franticly showering your face with vinegar. Its bad. Not good bad either. I could dig it if it was say like FY-2 bad buts it not. Basically shes the hot girl on the street that spits pee on you as walk by. Looks great but bad oh so bad.
...and no its not the magical Zonk Machine circuit its the Zonk II circuit and a JHS booster...a bloody horrid booster at that.